Why Choose Ava Saddles?

High quality made to measure saddle

The Ava Saddles range offers high quality, tailor made saddles at affordable prices. Ava saddles are designed to suit both horse and rider and our bespoke saddles can be made to fit all shapes and sizes. For example, extra length of leg may be required for a tall rider, or a horse with a big shoulder may need extra space for movement – these and any other issue of conformation can be catered for.

Personalised aftercare service

At Ava Saddles we pride ourselves on supporting our clients long after the delivery of their new saddle. As well as providing guidance and advice as you choose and order your new saddle, we are at hand to help you with ongoing saddle care and maintenance and regular checks. We enjoy working with clients to ensure their Ava saddle continues to fit their horse perfectly for many years to come.

Ava Saddles

Why choose the Flair system?

Ava saddles are available with the Flair air system, which has been designed to reduce pressure points and improve saddle fit, comfort and performance. The majority of back-related problems in horses stem from poorly fitting saddles, and the Flair system will help minimise these issues and safeguard the well-being of your horse.

Flair is a system of four air bags that replace the traditional flocking used in saddles. The external appearance of a Flair saddle is the same as a traditional saddle, but the air bags mean that a Flair saddle can be adjusted by a qualified fitter to balance the saddle perfectly from front to back and from side to side, even if the horse has uneven muscle development or unusual conformation.

  • The Flair system reduces pressure points and offers a wide bearing surface, which increases horse comfort and ability to engage and perform well. Flair provides a constant level of shock absorption, and increases the sensitivity of the aides from the rider’s lower back and seat.
  • The Flair system has been independently tested and has been shown to have a positive effect on horse comfort and equine movement.
  • One of the key features of the Flair system is that it allows the saddle to be easily adjusted by a qualified fitter should the horse change size and shape with age, fitness and time of year. This makes a Flair saddle versatile and an excellent investment in your horse’s long-term health and well-being.
  • All saddles in the Ava range are available with the Flair system.

Clients’ Testimonials

A year on the difference in Jake is amazing! He is now using himself more effectively ... and my physio has commented on how supple he is in his back

Joyce Greenhorn, Falkirk, Scotland

Our Pony Sariska is moving so much more freely in every discipline.

Kirston & Eleanor Clulow, Durham

Ria (my daughter) has 3 saddles from Ava and they have transformed our ponies way of going – now hankering for a 4th #loveAva

Wendy & Ria Scott, Thirsk

Everyone needs an AVA saddle!!!!

Kirsty Morton, Aberdeen

I cannot recommend Ava Saddles highly enough, based on the huge difference I have seen in my horse. Thank you Claire.

Abby Armitt, Cheshire

After three saddle fitters all struggled to sort me out, Ava came to the rescue with an absolute perfect solution.

Joanne Mulloy, Cowling, West Yorkshire

Never been so excited about a saddle before -it fits me & my horse perfectly.Its so comfortable to ride in & has improved the horse’s way of going.

Sara Black, North Yorkshire

Finally found a saddle that fits my rather wide cob after years of slipping saddles. My only regret is that I did not find Ava saddles sooner.

Gill Auge, Wirral

Love our new Ava calfskin Gp Saddle with Swarovski crystals. My boy is so much happier and his way of going is superb!

Joanne Robinson, Wirral

After the first fitting it was like she let out a big sigh of relief and has been flying ever since!! ... I have noticed massive changes in her growth and attitude within the first 4 weeks.

Tom Sexton, Yorkshire

Just a note to say how delighted I am with my new dressage saddle. I have been struggling to find a saddle to fit for three years and have have tried at least four different makes which have been disasters!

Tracey and Texas

Her jumping is much freer too as she’s able to use her shoulders more effectively with the saddle being made to measure.

Denise & Vicki Jarvis, Falkirk, Scotland

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